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Closed 2017 Think Big Mining
Think Big Mining seeks to promote technology-based companies at early stages that can change the mining industry. The call is also open to firms belonging to other productive sectors, whose solutions can directly impact this one. This call has the support of Corfo and Expande, the open innovation platform for mining of Fundación Chile.
Closed 2016 Piensa en Grande Educación
This call is seeking to support innovation projects in education, which can generate an impact at school, its learning processes and teaching quality.
Closed 2016 Piensa en Grande Economía Circular
Seeks to support innovation projects in the area of sustainability, particularly related to the concept of circular economy.
Closed 2016 Piensa en Grande Alimentos
We support enterprises that add value in food production and sales through the development of smart packaging, improvements in the use of manufacturing discards, as well as logistics and product distribution optimisation.
Closed 2016 Piensa en Grande Minería
Think Big Mining attracts, accelerates and supports innovative solutions for the mining industry through an open call for entrepreneurs.
Closed 2016 Emprende Empresas
ChileGlobal Ventures, together with Mall Plaza, opened the Emprende+Empresas call, which is seeking disruptive technological solutions that promote shopping centres as meeting points for the community.
Closed 2015 Think Big Mining
Fundación Chile, through its venture capital area, seeks to promote and develop an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation around mining. This program is supported and financed by agreements with Corfo, the IDB, the Ministry of Mining and the sponsorship of Engie.
Closed 2015 Despega
Despega! seeks to support pioneering and visionary enterprises with a desire to make an impact in the world and that require the mentoring, networks and financing of experienced investors to reach their maximum potential.
Closed 2015 La Otra Reforma
Organised by Fundación Chile and Fundación Colunga, this call is seeking teams and initiatives that carry out projects in vulnerable sectors on issues relating to school environment, interculturality and 21st century skills.

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