• We help big companies to innovate, connecting them with the best startups, people, ideas and technologies in Chile and Latin America.


From the corporate area, we develop open innovation projects with companies and organizations, linking the ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation, the know-how of Fundación Chile, and the productive sector to solve the key challenges of the industry.

We work with institutions in the identification and characterization of their challenges, looking for the best solutions offered by startups and suppliers in the market.

We design the insertion strategy and steering plan to subsequently implement the escalation within the organization.

During the process, we contribute to strengthen the companies’ innovation capabilities and to develop strategies for their sustainability

We seek to involve companies in the task of turning Chile and Latin America into a pole of entrepreneurship and innovation, getting them to generate mutually beneficial long-term relationships with Chilean and foreign startups.



Innovation is a cross-cutting priority at CCU, which seeks to transform its business through the adoption of disruptive solutions. INNPACTA is CCU's regional open innovation challenge that focuses on identifying the best startups that are designing new answers for the future of the beverage industry and its respective service layers. Its fifth and sixth version is being carried out together with ChileGlobal Ventures.

Parque Arauco

In order to accelerate the arrival of disruptive technology into their shopping centers, Parque Arauco partnered with ChileGlobal Ventures to find innovations that can transform their shopping experience and their operation into more sustainable and efficient ones.


During the first semester of 2020 Microsoft, together with Entel and CMPC, joins the call Collaboration and Life to finance the best startups that can implement solutions quickly and effectively to the health and financial crisis caused by COVID-19.


BHP, with ChileGlobal Ventures' support, launches "Súmate" call, an initiative that seeks to find innovative, collaborative, scalable and high-impact solutions to improve the autonomy and resilience of communities in Antofagasta and/or Tarapacá Regions to face the effects of climate change.


For the second consecutive year, BCI is strategically partnering with Chileglobal Ventures to generate greater opportunities for the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. This, through free workshops, talks, and personalized advice developed by Fundación Chile's venture capital area at the BCI Nace Center; a dynamic and collaborative workspace designed to support Chile's entrepreneurs. In addition to these initiatives, a new and innovative methodology and risk debt instrument will be jointly built so that the Bank can participate in investment rounds in startups and in the Venture Capital industry.


The Insurance Evolution, a call where the selected startups will be able to impact the insurance industry through the implementation of a pilot with their solutions.


ChileGlobal Ventures, together with Innova 360°, carried out Roche's Inspiration Tour, in which 29 executives from Roche Chile participated in a two-day immersion where they interacted with 8 startups, 2 Corporate Venture Capitals, and 2 innovation centers, achieving an effective link with the innovation ecosystem and positioning of open innovation within the company.


CMPC participated as a key partner in the Inventing the Future 2019 call, looking for innovative solutions to add sustainable value to its products and processes of pulp, packaging, and tissue.
During the first semester of 2020 CMPC, together with Entel and Microsoft, joins the call Collaboration and Life to finance the best startups that can implement solutions quickly and effectively to the health and financial crisis caused by COVID-19.


Generación Impacto 2018, a call to finance disruptive startups in artificial intelligence, internet of things, data analytics, and tangible technologies in the different lines of financing of ChileGlobal Ventures (accelerator, network of angel investors and investment fund CLIN).
They also participated as a key partner in Inventing The Future 2019, APEC´s official call in which ENTEL sought technological solutions to facilitate the digitalization of SMEs in Chile. During the first semester of 2020 Entel, together with CMPC and Microsoft, joins the call Collaboration and Life to finance the best startups that can implement solutions quickly and effectively to the health and financial caused by COVID-19.


Through The Mining Evolution call, we find the best startups to incorporate their solutions into the production processes of Planta Magnetita, one of the largest industrial recycling operations in the world, owned by Grupo CAP.


Open innovation program “Emprende + Empresas 2017: Desafíos BancoEstado”. Prioritization, exploration, and targeting of four challenges to find innovative solutions for the development of digital banking, financial inclusion, digitalization, and improvements in the logistics management of MSMEs.


Think Big Minning 2017 was a call to find new innovative solutions for the mining industry, and Piensa en Grande Alimentos 2017, to find new solutions that contribute to the food industry.


“Emprende + Empresas 2018: Desafío Walmart Chile” was a call for open innovation to find new solutions with the aim of decreasing waiting times at store checkouts.

Mall Plaza

“Emprende + Empresas 2016”, a call for open innovation to find new companies that improve services for retail.

Ayllu Solar

“La Fiebre del Sol” (2017 y 2018), calls to find new entrepreneurs with solutions based on technologies that take advantage of the solar resources of the Arica and Parinacota Region.


Piensa en Grande Alimentos 2017, a call to find startups linked to the food and aquaculture industry.

Alta Ley

Piensa en Grande Minería 2016, call to find new enterprises for the mining industry.


Innovation and collaboration program to generate new applications for mobile phones (2015).

Plein UDP

Generation and transfer of capabilities to build the entrepreneurship platform of the Diego Portales University (2014).

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