Eduardo Novoa

Economist at the University of Chile and MBA from the University of Chicago. He is currently a member of several directories, including Cementos Bio-Bio S.A. and ESSAL (Empresa de Servicios Sanitarios S.A.) as well as the directories of three family groups.

Previously, he was a Director and Executive of Companies of the Electric and Sanitary (PSEG, Grupo Saesa, Grupo Chilquinta, Grupo Enersis, Esval), Mining (SQM) and Financial Sectors (CorpGroup) in Chile, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Ecuador. He is a Director of Endeavor Chile, and was a Chairman of YPO-Chile, Director of Amcham and the Association of Electrical Companies. Since 2007, he has taken an active role as an angel investor in various startups.

“I wanted to co-undertake with entrepreneurs, to be an active part of the innovation ecosystem in Chile and live the adrenaline of carrying out various projects”.