Stacy Steimel

Stacy has a long history in the financial industry, highlighting her experience in PineBridge Ivestments and PineBridge Global Funds for Latin America, in her role as CEO and Investment Strategist, respectively. PineBridge is a global manager of various financial asset classes, formerly AIG Global Investment Group.

She is an expert in the stock market in Latin America, besides she has 20 years of experience participating in several economic cycles and with a perspective from different angles in the industry: from the regulatory point of view, market share and strategy. She led and added value in the Asset Management industry in the region, creating the second largest small-cap fund and consumer fund. She also highlights the creation of the first Latin American fund listed on the Taiwanese Stock Exchange, its expansion and creation of new financial products in the other Asian markets (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore).

“Given my enriching experience creating a small cap fund, I want to repeat this experience and be a contribution to early stage companies. Chile has been very successful in attracting particularly technological start-ups and ChileGlobal Angels is the headquarters to promote the investment with intelligent capital in the consolidation of these companies. “