Antonia Rojas

Commercial engineer from Universidad Católica de Chile. Currently working as investment manager at Trigono S.A, a family-owned business focused on real estate and financial investments. At Trigono, Antonia has led the structuring of the real estate investment area and the opening of the venture capital investment area.

Prior to Trigono, she worked in the power generation industry, in a company developing renewable energy projects, also in the real estate industry, in an international fund focused on investing in real estate assets around the world and in various enterprises.

She has also lived for more than a year in Frankfurt, Germany, where she worked and studied, as well as two years in San Francisco, where she completed a master’s degree in social entrepreneurship. These experiences have given her the possibility of being exposed to different perspectives, which she has complemented with international certifications in consulting, innovation and entrepreneurship.

As a venture capital investor, I’ve realised the importance of having a support network where both investors and entrepreneurs can exchange ideas, opinions and opportunities. This is where CGA plays a fundamental role, giving the possibility of organising investments with the rest of the network, facilitating involvement, giving clear guidelines and positively impacting the development of the ecosystem in Chile.