Eugenio Velasco

Commercial engineer from Universidad de Santiago de Chile, MBA from Universidad del Desarrollo, with 25 years of work experience and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He stands out for his capacities in the evaluation of businesses and in the implementation, development and coordination of new projects in the area of telecommunications and services.

He has supervised staff and led teams, generating an excellent team relationship and achieving the objectives set. Efficient and highly-organised, he has international business experience representing the company on numerous occasions both in Chile and abroad.

Professional oriented to results and goal achievement, with strong negotiation skills, team leadership, with outstanding creativity and strong customer service orientation.

Aiming to strengthen his knowledge in the area of administration and services, he has taken several courses on marketing, services and team-work development.

I come from a family of entrepreneurs where the development of ideas, entrepreneurial spirit and innovation have always been present. Since I was in college and then in the labor market, I have always been developing new businesses, several of which which have been quite successful and lasting over time. I believe I can contribute to the creation of a company, helping young people to create value in what they do.