Lilian Ross Hahn

Commercial engineer and MBA from Universidad Católica de Chile. Founder member of Fidelis in 1998 – a company dedicated to relational marketing, loyalty clubs and contact centre – and of Red Mujeres Alta Direccion since 2014, where she is currently an alternate director.

She has also been a partner in various enterprises in various fields, where her objective has been to support entrepreneurs to carry out their business. She has been the alternate autonomous director of AFP Cuprum since January 2016. Previously, she was the marketing and services manager of Consorcio and worked at Bancard. She has mentored entrepreneurs and executives for more than 10 years through Comunidad Mujer and SME UC.

I am interested in being part of ChileGlobal Angels because I have experience founding companies in different areas and I can contribute from my perspective so that innovative businesses have a good reception in the markets and are a contribution to the community they serve.