Lobo de Gubio


LDG Investments (Inversiones y Asesorías Lobo de Gubbio Spa) is an investment company linked to the Binimelis Yaconi family, one of the branches of the Yaconi- Santa Cruz group.


The fundamental pillar of LDG Inversiones is to invest in projects that have a triple impact, economic impact, social impact and are sustainable. Along the same lines, LDG has an active participation in the ecosystem, relationship with entrepreneurs and social projects.

Currently, LDG has major holdings in 3 different companies and other minority investments seeking diversification of its investment portfolio.

We are an investment company, where our values are in the line of investing with sense, using the money to generate social and economic impact in our society, considering the sustainability and the long-term development. We believe that the support for innovation and entrepreneurship projects is a key to development. That is why we see our participation in CGA and Fundación Chile as a space of learning and mutual collaboration which are aligned with our values.