Matías Gil

Civil-computer engineer and MBA with over 20 years in the information technology industry developing business and markets, through the sale and execution of high-added value digital projects and solutions for the largest companies in Chile, Peru and Argentina. Throughout his career he’s had the opportunity to start the PeopleSoft operation in Chile, later acquired by Oracle, and was also a commercial manager at Entel Corporaciones, sales manager of SAS, general director of Teradata and also started as business partner in 2007.

He has experience and skills in the application of strategies for the development of business models and markets, plus knowledge in a broad spectrum of information technologies, from process automation and business analytics to the digital transformation of an organisation with a 360 customer vision.

I’m motivated by the chance to contribute with my experience and enthusiasm in the development of new enterprises that have an innovative vision and can create value to the entire community, managers and investors.