Matías Vidaurre

MBA – Commercial Engineer from Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez. He has 20 years of experience in commercial areas (mass consumption, pharmaceuticals, retail, machinery, appliances, rental and telecommunications), both in local and multinational companies. He has successfully led and managed products and services, brand development and positioning projects, definition and implementation of commercial and marketing strategies, team development and organizational culture, project evaluation and launching of new businesses. He has also had experience in relationships and negotiations with suppliers and international brands in the United States, Europe (Germany, Italy and Ireland), Asia (China, India and Japan) and Latin America. Strong strategic business vision, great capacity for teamwork, leading and implementing projects, from an entrepreneurial spirit with respect and passion for what he does. He is currently the General Manager of Concept Home SPA and Inversiones Karku SPA.

My interest in ChileGlobal Angels stems from the enormous trajectory of Fundación Chile and its members in the development of entrepreneurship and innovation in Chile, as well as their ability to convene and generate the appropriate spaces and environments for the development of projects. I am very moved to support and encourage entrepreneurship in Chile and generate new and innovative engines of development for people and the country.