Max Kreimerman

Max Kreimerman has more than 30 years of experience in the Internet, both in CIO and CEO positions, and has led the development of market-leading solutions for B2B, network security and traffic analysis.

Max has established a network security company in three different countries called Netprovider and sold it to his partner and main investor. He was also a CTO in Certifica, managing billions of PVs on a monthly basis, and was a key person in the development of its technology (the company was later acquired by Comscore Inc) He was also a CIO in, with operations in three countries (bought by El Mercurio).

He created Xentric, aiming to be the first company to provide interactions with customers as a service.

My motivation is to participate in high-profitability (and high-risk) projects, supporting the development of a disruptive mentality in business, delivering my knowledge and networks to the companies in which I participate.