Wolf Schuch

PhD from Edinburgh University in Scotland, with a degree in genetics from Tübingen University in Germany. Throughout his career, he has focused on technology and intellectual property development as well as on the market introduction of novel products within large international corporations or small businesses.

He was executive director and general manager for 5 years of Fraunhofer Chile Research, at the Centre of Excellence in Biotechnology established by Corfo. Prior to this, he managed his own biotechnology consultancy company, was president of the council of the Canadian Association for Plant Biotechnology in British Columbia, Canada, and co-founded a green biotechnology engineering company.

He held managerial positions in a forest biotechnology company and acted as senior sciences manager for technological development at Syngenta and its former companies, where he was responsible for the technology development and taking ideas from basic research into the market.

He has raised over USD75 million for public and private research funds and has been an active investor in a range of technology startups. Wolfgang is a published author of more than 95 articles in industry magazines, over 50 pieces in books and other publications.

I joined ChileGlobal Angels because since arriving in Chile I realised that with my experience I can provide important support for the provision of local companies.