Pedro is an international consultant, director and advisor of different organizations, accompanying the transformation towards Customer Focus & Data Driven companies, strategically synchronizing Data and Design, linking the analytical and business areas, with design and experience. This is how, as it has managed to generate a rigorous and virtuous methodological bridge, between information culture, innovation and people-centered design. Achieving the development of mathematical models and applicable methodologies for the valuation and economic prioritization of qualitative variables, with a focus on Customers and Collaborators.


With more than 20 years of Latin American experience in creative and content industries, mass consumption and applied innovation, Pedro is a founding partner and director of the Association for the Development of Experiences in Chile, and collaborate with MADA-PUC and the European Observatory CX. He has worked and lived in Milan, Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo, always seeking to raise the levels of awareness and sustainability of organizations and companies, through the culture of agile collaboration and focus on the human being, and customer & collaborator experiences.

Pedro sets up his Business Human Design network through Acquis consultancy (, based in Santiago and Sao Paulo.

  • Business intelligence
  • Consumer Goods
  • CX & CoX