Pilar Henríquez

Partner at Sistemas Sustentables, consultancy company that develops energy, environment and innovation projects (www.sistemas-sustentables.com). She is currently a director of the environment department at the company.

In recent years her work has focused on the development of mitigation measures in the national transport sector and smart cities, as well as on the measurement in real operating conditions of new cleaner and more efficient vehicle technologies to drive technological change and electromobility.

Pilar is a civil-mechanical engineer from Universidad de Chile, with a master’s degree in innovation and also holds a diploma in non-conventional renewable energies, with special emphasis on distributed generation and energy storage, as well as being a founding partner of the Ganamar social innovation project (www.ganamar.com).

She has experience in both the public and private sector, with additional international experience in countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, US and Argentina, mainly in the public sector.

  • Renewable Energy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Sustainability