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Transparent film that purifies the air using light as an energy source. Its main properties are: help to reduce the risk factors of respiratory diseases, self-cleaning properties, no electricity consumption, transparent and also antibacterial.

Acerca de Catio2

CATiO2 is a startup founded as a company in 2018, which consists of 4 civil engineers, all with some degree of master's degree. The team is divided into technical and commercial part, and is currently in the MVP stage with 2 versions of the transparent film, one for buildings and another for cell phones. It has participated in and won several competitions and funds, such as Tecla 1 and Corfo's SSAF-I fund with Fundación Chile and Chile Global Ventures.

Meet theFounding Team

José Luis Galaz


Mauricio Bustos


Catalina López


Iván Gutierrez