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Fourdplan is a technology services company for the construction, infrastructure and manufacturing industries, with a focus on the use of BIM models, virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence, delivering solutions that improve productivity and digital transformation of companies.

About Fourdplan

The services they offer are:
Fourdplan Control of thick and structural work: Fourdplan Connection Cloud Software for the planning and control of thick and structural works through the BIM model, complemented with virtual reality.
BIM Coordination: BIM coordination service of specialties with focus on constructability.
4D Simulation: 4D simulation service using Virtual Design & Construction methodology (VDC).
Digital transformation from 2D to BIM: BIM implementation service, BIM maturity and capacity level, BIM protocols and procedures and execution plans.
VReport360: 360° image capture platform to help and control the work progress.

Meet TheFounding Team

Daniel Molina


Francisco Muñoz

Commercial Director