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The company NANS has developed a product called Rhino, which is a compound based on nano and micro-particles that are integrated into different construction materials to make them waterproof and resistant to humidity. This increases the life of the materials by 20-500%, depending on the material and the climatic conditions of the construction site.

Acerca de Rhino

Natural NanoSystems, NANS, is a company that uses nanotechnology in the development of new building materials. The company was born in 2019 bringing together decades of research with professionals specialized in the commercialization of new technologies. NANS is based on the figures, models, substances, and structures present in the nanoscale of nature, always trying to understand and match their efficiency. In this way, it seeks to make nanotechnology available in people's daily lives through natural-based products designed for the home and industry.

Meet theFounding team

Ignacio Brescia


Luis Velasquez

Principal Investigator

Sindy Devis

Product Prototyping Manager

Paula Solar

Environmental Product Quality Control.

Juan Luis Ibarra

Commercial and Financial Area