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Roche inaugurated the first Inspiration Tour 2019

Posted on July 11, 2019

At an event organized by ChileGlobal Ventures and Innova360, 30 executives from the multinational were able to experience first-hand the talent available in LatinAmerica, focused on innovation and entrepreneurship.

More than 30 people participated in the Inspiration Tour 2019, an activity that aims to experience first-hand the talent and innovation available in LatinAmerica around disruptive entrepreneurship.

At the end of June, Laboratorios Roche was the protagonist of this event, organized by ChileGlobal Ventures – venture capital area of Fundación Chile – and Innova360; who toured various startups and organizations linked to entrepreneurship and corporate venture capital, to witness the growth of new innovative businesses in the region, which have been able to attract investors and generate disruptive changes in the industries where they are developed.

This activity was carried out by Innova360 together with ChileGlobal Ventures to support the cultural transformation of Roche Chile, with a change in mindset, structure and important processes; and thus help them fulfill their purpose of becoming a corporation that can face the fast paced changes in the industry.

The tour was attended by the General Manager of Roche Chile, Antonio DaSilva, the founder and CEO of Innova360, Laura Chicurel and the Business Development Leader of ChileGlobal Ventures, Maurizio Moschini.

The tour included visits to various disruptive startups, with stories of effort and courage, which have managed to raise solid capital with exponential growth, such as Rappi Chile, the most recent LatinAmerican unicorn; Riku and Nulight, both startups belonging to ChileGlobal Ventures’ portfolio, a leader in the sale of frozen vegan products in Chile and a pioneer in developing ideal lighting for work environments based on proprietary technology, respectively; Dcanje, Klogistics and Simpliroute, startup of the CLIN Fund portfolio that facilitates logistics for the retail sector through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

In addition, the delegation visited Corporate Venture Capital institutions, such as Telefónica’s Wayra Chile and Engie Factory; ending up at Fundación Chile, a non-profit institution that has been pushing innovation through the Venture Capital industry for over 40 years in Latin America.

The Inspiration Tour also included disruptive activities, which allowed participants to measure their willingness to change, strengthen networking among executives and allow them to address a closer human relationship.

The activities took place at the Valle Escondido Events Center, where participants had a webinar lunch with the startups Miroculus and Teselagen from Silicon Valley, both founded by Chileans, and two recreational activities: a Rhythm Workshop and a Labyrinth Activity, both introspective instances.

The Inspiration Tour ended at the 10th Innova Drinks, an event that incorporated a panel discussion on Agile Management methodologies. The Inspiration Tour, developed by ChileGlobal Ventures and Innova360, is a service open to large corporations that seek to approach the world of innovation, absorbing knowledge and applying new practices that allow the evolution of organizational mindsets. The Business Leader of ChileGlobal Ventures, Maurizio Moschini, explained: “part of our mission is to link large companies with startups, which develop innovation to build the future businesses of the country and the region. We’re happy to see companies like Laboratorios Roche, which have a vision of the future and understand the need to think about business differently, building bridges with startups for the construction of a more efficient and sustainable society”.