• We aim to boost the best startups in the ecosystem using our model, attracting the different economic actors in Chile and Latam towards the venture capital industry, in order to promote innovative solutions with a global impact.

Value Offer and Financing Options


Works with early-stage and technology based startups that have an MVP, with the potential to scale into a company that generates an impact at international level and a team dedicated to project development. Entrepreneurs will have access to:

  • Financing

    Up to USD100K million financing through Corfo’s SSAF-I Fund.

  • Accelerator

    ChileGlobal Ventures’ accelerator program, with constant support for the development of the business and its growth.

  • Support

    Access to Fundación Chile’s network, with the option of receiving support from professionals from the different specialised areas of the institution.


With more than 10 years in the market we have made an impact on the national ecosystem with excellent results.

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    Millones de dólares de capital levantado


The most active network of angel investors and the longest-running in Chile seeks to invest in world-class and high-impact entrepreneurs through private equity from either private investors or companies, with the aim to create growth opportunities by transferring knowledge, capabilities and networking possibilities.

  • SmartMoney

    Operating under the smart money concept, it offers not only capital but also time and experience from investors for more mature businesses or at scaling stage. Startups that reach the presentation stage with our investors must be disruptive, with an innovative profile, commercially-viable and with a multidisciplinary team.

AboutChileGlobal Angels

Emprendemos con los emprendedores para que sus negocios sean EXITosos.

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ChileGlobal Ventures, through its Fund Administrator, seeks to boost investment in high-impact startups, coordinating the different actors of the economic landscape in order to accelerate the innovation supply and connect it to the demand. It currently has the Clin Fund*, which seeks to invest in early-stage companies with innovative technologies and high potential to scale into international markets. It is mainly focused on B2B models on sectors associated with the sustainable use of natural resources in the country’s main productive sectors, such as energy, water, mining and SmartCities.


*Not regulated and not audited by the Financial Markets Commission (CMF). 

About Clind Found

Launched in 2018, this fund seeks to invest in between 20 and 25 startups

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    Millones de dólares Invertidos a la fecha

  • Millones de dólarés bajo administración

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    Millones de dólares Invertidos en empresas de etapa temprana

  • Startups apoyadas

The entire portfolio of ChileGlobal Ventures has exclusive access to our Mentors Network, which is constituted by high-level professionals from different industries and backgrounds, with the capacity to promote the businesses of startups through mentoring. The Mentors Network of ChileGlobal Ventures has three types of mentoring:

Spot Mentoring

It consists of a specific meeting that is set up with any of the network's mentors to address a specific need or issue that concerns the requesting startup.

Mentoring Program

6-month work with a specific mentor to achieve a specific goal.

Equity Mentoring

2-year program, where the mentor generates constant mentoring on the startup in the subject in which he is an expert. This modality involves compensation to the mentor with a small percentage of the ownership of the startup.

Meet our mentors

We have over 40 professionals on board from different industries or relevant topics, to help promote entrepreneurs and their businesses. The startups that are part of the ChileGlobal Ventures portfolio have access to skills, knowledge and contacts in areas such as finance, marketing, capital raising, internationalisation and many others.

Filter by:

+ Alejandra Pérez
Innovation ManagementMarketingMass ConsumptionMassive consumeRetail
+ Patricio Rojas
E-CommerceManagementMarketingMass ConsumptionMassive consumeStrategic Planning
+ Tina Rosenfeld
E-CommerceManagementMarketingMass ConsumptionMassive consumeStrategic Planning
+ Juan Pablo Toledo
Intellectual propertyTechnology Transfer
+ Pilar Henríquez
Renewable EnergyStrategic PlanningSustainability
+ Gunther Reibe
Intellectual propertyTechnology Transfer
+ Carmen Gloria Solís
MarketingStrategic Communications
+ Marcos Almendras
Innovation ManagementRetailTI
+ Ramón Rodriguez
Business intelligenceLogisticsManagementRetailTI
+ Cristián Sjogren
Business developmentFinanceRenewable Energy
+ George Cargill
FinanceManagementOperations ManagementStrategic PlanningTI
+ Cleve Lightfoot
Innovation ManagementMiningStrategic Planning
+ Erik Goldenberg
Digital TransformationEducationInternationalizationManagement
+ Pamela Castro
Mass ConsumptionMassive consumeOperational EfficiencyProject EvaluationRetail
+ Wolfang Schuch
BiotechnologyIntellectual propertyTechnology Transfer
+ Romina Hidalgo
BiotechnologyIntellectual propertyTechnology Transfer
+ Julie McPherson
Business developmentInternationalizationManagementStrategic Planning
+ Felipe Gazitúa
ManagementMiningOperational EfficiencyRetailStrategic Planning
+ Leonardo Lima
FoodMarketingMass ConsumptionMassive consume
+ Cristián Rubio
InternationalizationManagementMass ConsumptionMassive consumeStrategic Planning
+ Pedro Prieto-Hontoria
BiotechnologyFoodStrategic Communications
+ Verónica González
FinanceHuman capitalManagement ControlOperations ManagementStrategic Planning
+ Fernando Boeri
Human capitalManagementTI
+ Marcela Samarotto
FoodInnovation ManagementMarket Research
+ José Ignacio Bordalí
FinanceProject EvaluationStrategic Planning
+ Ricardo Martínez
+ Patricia Barrientos
Change managementMass ConsumptionMassive consumeOperational EfficiencyRetailStrategic Planning
+ Juan Alberto Ruiz
B2BBusiness developmentCementCommercial ManagementCopperIndustryMiningNickelPortsSulfuric AcidSupply Chain Management
+ Hernán Conejeros
Industrial MarketsInnovationInnovation ManagementMining
+ Óscar Contreras
DigitalInnovation ManagementMarketingPitchProject DevelopmentSalesStrategic Communications
+ María Gabriela Pujadas
FoodInnovationInnovation ManagementMass ConsumptionMassive consumeQualityRegulatory and CrisisResearch and Development
+ Laura Chicurel
BusinessCorporate innovationEnterpriseFundraisingSaasSalesStartups
+ Javier Yranzo
AdvertisingDigital MarketingMarketing Strategy
+ Andrés Rebolledo
Commercial policyElectromobilityEnergyFree Trade AgreementInternational Economy
+ Matías Gill
Business intelligenceDigital BusinessOperational EfficiencySalesStrategic PlanningTI
+ Antonio Levy
Climate changeInternational DevelopmentProject DevelopmentRenewable Energy
+ Nicolás Palacios
Artificial intelligenceBlockchainMarketingMobileTechnologyWeb
+ Álvaro Echeverría
+ Elías Urrejola
I+D+iO&MPhotovoltaic Solar EnergySolar Plants
+ Christian Reyes
Change managementCollaborationHabitsParadigmsProductivityWellness
+ Francisco Correa
AgTechBusiness developmentFoodInternationalization
+ Nils Lindeen
BusinessBusiness developmentInnovationInnovation ManagementManagementProject DevelopmentRenewable Energy
+ Eyal Shats
Innovation ManagementLogisticsStrategic CommunicationsStrategic Planning
+ Roberto Holtheuer
Automotive IndustryB2BImport and Distribution of EquipmentLaunch of New ProductosMarketingSpare Parts and ServicesStrategic Planning
+ Gonzalo Pérez Terry
AgTechE-CommerceEarly Stage FinanceEnvironmental SustainabilityFintechFoodLogistics
+ Michelle Ash
InnovationInnovation ManagementMiningTechnology
+ Carlos Arias
Advanced AnalyticsBig DataCloudDigital TransformationProductivity
+ Verónica Moggia
Business developmentInnovation ManagementStrategic Planning
+ Elías Yuri
MiningOperations Management
+ Olaya Cambiaso Tomic
Innovation Management
Business intelligenceCX & CoXMassive consume
+ Angela Movillo
Change managementInnovation ManagementMarketingRetail

MeetOur Suppliers

An early-stage startup usually has few resources available. Thus we created the CGV Club, which brings together companies and services from the most varied areas, such as administration, legal, accounting and digital among others, in order to deliver a comprehensive service to our entrepreneurs at preferential rates, along with workshops and free advisory timeslots. If you want to be part of this Club, please fill in the following form: