We Are Seekers

We invest in startups that develop innovations that make an impact in sectors of high potential and interest for Chile and Latin America.

Through our four lines of impact, our mentor network and the ChileGlobal Ventures Club, we have built a network of possibilities for all members of our community to strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem and support the success of our startups in each of their growth phases.


Our mentor network brings together experienced people in different areas, with a strong passion for entrepreneurship. Mentors are a fundamental pillar in the growth of a startup, delivering crucial short and long-term support.

By means of our unique acceleration methodology, we assist the startups in our portfolio to grow and connect with the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship in Chile and Latin America. In addition to consolidating the startups’ governance and supporting them in the process of raising capital, we offer technical leverage in the areas of Fundación Chile, for the comprehensive development of their businesses.

Suppliers Club
Suppliers Club

We select the best suppliers in the market who offer their services to our community through special agreements.

We develop effective linkage models between large companies or organisations with innovative startups, applying open innovation methodologies and establishing radical collaboration models. We do this by identifying challenges, searching and selecting startups and their subsequent training to work with large corporations.

Through ChileGlobal Angels Academy, a training process developed by ChileGlobal Ventures for a traditional investor to become an angel investor, we provide the required tools for those who want to immerse themselves in the world of venture capital and invest in disruptive startups. This way we establish a community of angel investors, both private and institutional, to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem, offering greater and better growth opportunities to startups in Chile and Latin America.

Through investment funds focused on venture capital, we connect contributors with the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, bridging the gaps between large corporations and family-owned businesses and startups; connecting them in order to promote their expansion into new markets through collaboration. We also involve contributors in the startup selection and support processes, sharing our know-how of more than 14 years in the management of private investment funds in venture capital.

We aredoers

By investing in startups that develop innovations that can make an impact, in sectors of high potential and interest for the country.

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ChileGlobal Ventures Up to date


Fundación Chile (FCh) has been a pioneering institution throughout its 40 years of history, taking risks while building industries from scratch and creating companies in various economic activities, focusing on the competitive advantages of the country, for the development of its economy.
Through its different models, FCh has created more than 66 early-stage companies that have made a profit, investing a total of USD100 million.
Four different models can be distinguished in Fundación Chile’s history of entrepreneurship and venture capital:

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We are connected with the best international and local institutions to promote your startup, investment and/or company in relevant markets for their development.