Carmen Gloria Solís

Communications specialist, master’s degree from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, with diplomas from Universidad Católica de Chile and The Society NLP. Journalist from Universidad de Chile and graduate from The Society NLP. She has studies in architecture from Universidad de Chile and did marketing courses at the University of Michigan, innovation at ITT Corporation. She is also a corporate communications professor at Universidad Gabriela Mistral.

Her communications career started at newspapers El Mercurio, La Tercera and Channel 11 on television (today Chilevisión), besides being a correspondent for US magazine Billboard. She possesses the know-how to understand the processes for the correct identification and selection of newsworthy editorial content for different audiences, with 22 years of experience focusing on media.

In the field of entrepreneurship, she was involved in the creation of Keyso, a company that was dedicated for three years to the commercialization of giant bamboos in the country.

  • Marketing
  • Strategic Communications